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This Is Not the End

“This is my summer of learning” I so naively told a fellow pair programmer on the first day of Flatiron School. I told him, “I can’t go out tonight. I need to learn.”

Oh how skewed my perception was. If there is anything I can take away from my summer, it’s that learning is forever. If I continued with that initial sentiment I would learn for what, 3 months? Then what? Never learn again? With that mindset I’d be on a track to being a terribly uninformed, uninteresting, unchallenged person.

Over the past three months I’ve been surrounded by the most inspiring and motivated people I’ve ever met. It’ll certainly be a change of pace going back to college. (Yes, despite Avi’s efforts, I’m returning to college).

Even though the official dates for The Flatiron School have terminated and graduation has been completed, that in no way indicates the learning process is over. Avi, Blake, Ashley, Jeff and Jon have awarded me the gift of knowing how to learn. Before Flatiron, I was quite literally stuck in the console (and stuck in Python). Any escape seemed impossible. But thankfully with the help of the incredible instructors, students, and overall environment, not only have I deployed code, I feel ready to teach myself the next steps equipped with new methods, languages, and frameworks.

Although I’m heading back to college today, life won’t change too drastically. Sure I’ll be free to code from the comfort of Michigan Stadium (re Michigan Hacks — yup I’m hacking in the Big House in 25 days and I’m pretty stoked about it) but besides the freedom of space, I hope my life won’t be too different from the daily schedule at Flatiron School. I have plans to read “Rails Recipes”, plans to learn node.js, plans to finally get around to creating my personal website and yes, to blog way more frequently. This is the just the beginning.